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Cooking Classes
You will be Instructed by a trained culinary professional, your class will take place in your kitchen, you set the pace of the work and receive the help you need. Personalized attention promises you will learn the cooking skills you hope to and get all your questions answered. When you're done with the lesson, leave the dishes and cleanup to us.
Party Packs
Having a Special Party and need to put out the very best ingredients? We provide a wide range of Gourmet Lunch Boxes & Customizable Party Packs to suit every event.
Secret Dinners
“Secret Supper TCI” is a monthly dinner party that takes place in a different location with different participants each month. (it could be anything from a Private residence to a secret location on the Beach) “Secret Supper TCI” guests enjoy a brief “cocktail hour” followed by a four-course gourmet meal and BYOB is encouraged
Private Dining
Private chefs prepare muti-course meals that are consumed once prepared. We create ideal menus with the input of the clients. We do the food shopping, prepare and serve fresh high quality cuisine and provide wine and table service should the client desire. Private chefs can travel with clients and can be part time or available for one-time events.