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About the Founder/Chef

Tadd FryeAs a Chef I have traveled the world serving my culinary fare in Anguilla, Belize, Curacao, The Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, New Orleans, Chicago and Kansas City.

With experience in diversified environments ranging from fine steak houses to four-star restaurants, exclusive resorts, private islands and serving as a private villa chef.  Culinary Concepts TCI specializes in Classical French techniques applied to, Caribbean Seafood Dishes, Italian, Cajun/Creole, South American and Thai cuisines.

Born in Boulder, Colorado, I have over 16 years of culinary and pastry experience combined with formal education and 6 years of intensive apprenticeships. In addition to being ACF Certified, my work has earned numerous awards and honors including coach of the Curacao National Jr. Culinary Team, Coach / Mentor of National qualifying Pro Start team, four gold awards and five silver awards at American Culinary Federation Competitions.

My goal is to serve innovative cuisine with a Caribbean flair while using only the highest quality products from around the world coupled with the finest local and regional products available.

About Culinary Concepts:

Culinary Concepts TCI, a customizable in-home Private/Personal chef service, that is now available for busy executives, families and visiting guests in Providenciales. Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI. Culinary Concepts TCI, Ltd. offers ‘palate-specific’ personal meals cooked from fresh ingredients in private homes.

Most people believe that, unless you have the culinary gene running through your family, you have to visit a restaurant to enjoy a fine gourmet meal. While this assumption is quite reasonable, it is not entirely correct. For fine dinning is not restricted only to first class restaurants alone. Thanks to Culinary Concepts you are no longer limited to the hors d’ oeuves and buffets of caters but can entertain in style and treat your guests, family or yourself to gourmet cuisine in your own home,villa or rental cottage.

By definition the difference between private chefs and personal chefs is often confused. however the difference is not substantial except for the type of service provided to the client.

Private chefs prepare muti-course meals that are consumed once prepared. The same varied cuisine produced within casual to fine-dining restaurants on every continent. Private chefs create ideal menus with the input of the clients.

Private chefs do the food shopping, prepare and serve fresh high quality cuisine and provide wine and table service should the client desire. Private chefs can travel with clients and can be part time or available for one-time events.

Personal chef on the other hand cook for several families or individuals once every week or two. Personal chefs create menus, shop for the food, come to the clients home and prepare several entrees at one time in the clients kitchen, then package and store those meals in the refrigerator or freezer and provide the clients with re-heating instructions.

Common misconceptions people have are that a private or personal chef will be too expensive or that their kitchen is not up to the job. But usually neither is the case. I speak to all clients to discuss the options with them, put together a menu and inspect the kitchen in question. The latter helps me in my preparations, and I must admit that a kitchen would have to be very dysfunctional for me not to be able to work in it.

It does however go without saying that the private chef works under more difficult circumstances than our colleagues in restaurant and resort kitchens who have the benefit of working in familiar surroundings and have everything close at hand. For the chef that comes and turns your kitchen into a professional setting it is not just producing fine food but also ensuring the timing and service is arranged to perfection. When working in someone else’s home indeed is a challenge that requires planning, logistics, management skills and above all confidence. Unlike our colleagues who work behind closed doors the private chef and the staff “preform live”.

I come from the ranks of highly trained professionals who have built up experience, know how and confidence required while working in top resorts and private villas in the Dutch Antilles, British West Indies, and the Latin Riveara

I can not but recommend this as a stylish and highly sociable way to spend an evening in the company of friends, family, or colleagues. The private chef will never replace restaurants as we know them, but will offer those who want more than conventional services to enjoy grand food in the style and comfort in the privacy of one’s own home.

Whether preparing your dinners for the week, catering a special dinner in your home. Helping to insure that your reception runs smoothly, teaching a class on specialty products or a specific cuisine, assist restaurants design or improve their menu, simply answering questions about products or cooking. Even shopping for the arrival of friends, family, or clients. Everything is done with the client in mind and their complete satisfaction.